Feminist with little p politic.

Thinks straight, votes left, goes all right.



1.       low brow critical discourse

2.       style guides

3.       South East Asian confectionery  packaging

4.       miserablism

5.       winter in ‘color me beautiful’ but summer in real life

6.       movement

7.       hope

8.       texting

9.       floor wipes

10.    planning

11.    coffee

12.    things arranged neatly


1.       clapping

2.       rampant optimism

3.       drinking water

4.       full moon naysayers, “No it’s not actually full… see that sliver off the edge over there? It won’t be full until tomorrow/yesterday/next week etc...”

5.       jolliness

6.       standing-up

7.       giving massages

8.       piety

9.       moral absolutism

10.    unexamined endings

11.    vacuuming

12.    Neil Young.


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